Nilima  Gulrajani

Nilima Gulrajani

Assistant Professor, Department of Government and Department of International Development, London School of Economics and Political Science.
Nilima Gulrajani is an assistant professor in the Department of Government and the Department of International Development at the London School of Economics and Political Science. She recently completed a policy research paper published by the Walter and Duncan Gordon Foundation titled “Re-imagining Canadian Development Cooperation: A comparative examination of Norway and the UK.” Nilima joined the London School of Economics (LSE) in 2007 as an assistant professor. She is currently jointly associated with the LSE's Department of Government and the Development Studies Institute (DESTIN). She completed her PhD in management studies as a Bill Gates Scholar at the University of Cambridge. Her doctoral thesis examined the way management reform inside the World Bank and World Health Organization proceeded at the turn of the millennium just as new ideas about how to reduce poverty were gathering momentum. For this project, she conducted extensive fieldwork in Bolivia and Vietnam. In 2006, Nilima temporarily left academia to pursue public policy interests. She worked with the International Trade and Finance Group at the Canadian Ministry of Finance with a team that negotiated Canadian positions on development issues at the G8. She previously worked at the World Bank, the International Development Research Centre, and the Global Economic Governance Program at Oxford University.
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