Robert Smol

Robert Smol

Educator; Journalist; Veteran.
Robert Smol served over twenty years in the Canadian Forces joining as a private in the infantry and retiring as a Captain in the Intelligence Branch in 2004. He holds degrees from McGill and Queen`s as well as a Master of Arts in War Studies from the Royal Military College. He currently teaches high school and university in the Greater Toronto Area. As a freelance journalist Smol has written extensively on military, veteran, and education issues for CBC online news as well as the National Post, Hill Times and Toronto Star and Sun among others.
Latest contributions by Robert Smol

Time we stop belittling the Canadian militia’s contribution to the War of 1812

Almost from the time the War of 1812 ended the so-called militia myth emerged claiming that Canada was saved by the heroic contributions of its part-time colonial soldiers or militia…

Teaching High School Vs. Teaching in the Military

Many people today seem to think that teachers like me should work more and get paid less.  But regardless of what might come of my profession, nothing will make me regret having become a teacher. No other profession, in my opinion, can bring an individual more personal satisfaction. Such pride in what I do is important since, [...]

A Veteran, Regardless of Age

Canada should treat all ex-soldiers equally, irrespective of age and the persistent image of the Second World War vet.