Dana Wagner

Dana Wagner

Master of Global Affairs 2012, Munk School of Global Affairs, University of Toronto.
Dana Wagner is a Master of Global Affairs 2012 from the Munk School of Global Affairs at the University of Toronto, now living and working in Hanoi, Vietnam.
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Grim rules of engagement after ten years with the ICC

Picture the ceiling swirling, dense with grand ideas expressed that day. Sorrowful, urgent, and ambitious: the words that delivered the first permanent International Criminal Court were a mural of life under universal law…

No Qualified Woman, and Other Poor Thinking on Gender and Foreign Policy

It’s an old conversation that ebbs after positions are filled, and picks up whenever a woman is chosen or overlooked for something important. Gender equality in politics – are we making progress? What to do if we’re not? In the United States, notable buzz on gender in politics surrounded the appointments of Secretary of State [...]

Hollow Message on CIDA Shift, But Good Proverb

Results-based funding is our development strategy. Don’t count projects to measure our success. These two points by Julian Fantino, minister for international cooperation, in a written defence of his agency’s programming, are nearly hypocritical except for the very good case that results are not always numbers. That’s quite visionary for the head of the Canadian International Development [...]

A Canadian Soldier’s Guide to Remembering Failure

Some degree of defeat will always colour how Canadians commemorate Kandahar.

Voting: A Right, Sure, But Surely a Duty

That voting is a responsibility as surely as it is a right is supported by the inability of so many to actualize what we call universal.