How Christy Clark Could Have Won

Christy Clark could have won the May 2013 B.C. provincial election. I know that sounds strange—both because it refers to a future event as if it has already happened, and because it is hard to imagine her ever winning…

The Horsemeat Scandal

The discovery of horseflesh in a number of otherwise-labeled meat products in Europe is being described as a scandal…

Who’s Paying for IVF?

This week, two stories on the front page of the National Post are relevant to the ongoing discussion about public funding of IVF…

Canadian Democracy: Two Wolves and a Lamb Voting on Indigenous Rights?

It is sometimes quipped that democracy is like two wolves and a lamb voting on dinner. This Darwinian image of vulnerable minorities falling prey to a ‘tyranny of the majority’ is why few believe that democracy can be reduced to participation in elections. If democracy has value it is because it allows people to have [...]

Making it Easier to Be Green

A modest proposal for the future of Canada’s Green Party.

How To Grow Your Business

I recently reviewed the results of the 2013 GE Global Innovation Barometer, now in its third year, which surveyed more than 3,000 business executives actively engaged in the management of their firm’s innovation strategy. The survey pool covered multiple industries in 25 countries, including both developed and emerging economies, and fundamentally explored how business leaders [...]

Wombs and Breasts for Rent: What Next?

Payment for contract pregnancy (‘surrogacy’) is illegal in Canada. In other countries, including India and the United States, paying women for gestational services is legal, and so Canadians travel to these destinations to purchase what is ‘not for sale’ in Canada. The contract pregnancy industry in India is in such high international demand that recently [...]

From Libya to Mali: Triumphs and Consequences

Bonny Ibhawoh, associate professor at McMaster University, describes how a lack of international action in post-Gadhafi Libya has exacerbated the conflict in Mali.

Boosting Financial Literacy for Small Businesses

A lack of financial literacy is the single biggest reason more small businesses don’t succeed.

The Right to a Healthy Environment

Public health worker Beatriz Mendoza was living near the Riachuelo River in Buenos Aires, Argentina, when she started losing feeling in her fingers and toes. Her neighbours were also experiencing health issues – including skin rashes, cancers and birth defects – clearly linked to pollution in the heavily industrialized area. The Matanza-Riachuelo basin is one [...]