A Leader That Listens

A simple set of listening skills would help Harper rebuild the bridge between the new two solitudes – the Canadian people and their government.

A New View of Wealth

As the recession squeezes world markets, we need to expand our definition of capital beyond the purely economic.

Can Transparency Save Journalism?

In the age of transparency, reporters will shift from a puzzle-solving to a mystery-solving model of journalism.

A Tale of Two Cities

Atlantic Canada can overcome its economic obstacles. For a relevant model, it need only look to the Rust Belt.

Tea In Istanbul

To our detriment, the work-obsessed West is fixated on the now. We should slow down and appreciate the relics of our past.

The Flaw in Family Law

When divorce shakes a family, the children suffer most. Canada’s deeply flawed family court system is partly to blame.

London Calling: Reading the G20

A global response to recession should have been world leaders’ top priority at the G20 summit. Their failure to find it doesn’t look good.

Regulating Regulation

Government regulation wouldn’t get so much flak if administrations would only define and limit the activities they insure.

There’s a Drug for That

The business of drug marketing: Is the pharmaceutical industry turning doctors into salesmen?

The Anniversary of Enslavement

China’s propaganda machine can’t tape shut the mouth of history, and history has a lot to say where Tibet is concerned.