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The Stories We Are Told

The plurality of voices and stories that make up the Canadian identity are quickly being drowned out by the singular story that the current government is telling Canadians to adopt as their own.

In Defence of a Fine Arts Education

Education should be about critical thinking, challenging the status quo, and developing individual talents and abilities, not merely the rote acquisition of knowledge.

The Musical Improv Comedy Genius of Reggie Watts

[Q&A] The Mark sits down with Reggie Watts to talk about his unique style, and how he got started on Conan O’Brien’s show.

Music as a Weapon of War

Sesame Street composer reacts to his music being used for torture in Guantanamo Bay.

Monster Truck Rolls Through Canada

[Q&A] Big and loud riff-rockers join classic-rock legends on a Canadian tour.

Baby Boomers and STDs

Celebrity sex expert Dr. Ruth Westheimer points to an alarming increase in the rate of sexually transmitted diseases among older patients, saying a change in awareness – and attitude – is needed.

Fighting for the Arts

Cuts to the National Film Board have Canadian filmmakers on the ropes.

MCA’s Death Puts 7 Beastie Boys Albums on Billboard 200

Only Hello Nasty and To The Five Boroughs didn’t crack the chart.

Freestyling: From Los Angeles to the World

A pioneer of freestyle rapping, The Riddlore describes the evolution of his craft into a global phenomenon.

Prince Charles Does The Weather, Is Actually Charming

While he might never get to be king, at least he can rest easy knowing there’s a gig for him delivering forecasts to Glaswegians.