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Life After Kyoto: Pursuing Decarbonization

Political scientists Matthew Hoffmann and Steven Bernstein argue that our goal remains the same with or without Kyoto.

Blocking Action on Climate Change

What do you call someone who pursues policies knowing that they contribute to large numbers of deaths?

Pushing the Oil Sands Agenda

While scientists are reporting a stunning reduction in Arctic sea ice, Canada’s ambassador in the U.S. is stumping for heavy carbon emitting oil.

The Climate Stalemate

Multilateral negotiations on climate change have failed to solve the problem. But there’s good reason to keep up the charade.

The Atmosphere as Dumping Ground

As long as coal remains so inexpensive, with few or no dollars paid for the environmental damage it causes, it will continue to be used. And that endangers us all.

Obstinate Harper Fuels Pipeline Opposition

With no comprehensive climate policy, the government feeds local and international opposition to its proposed pipeline projects.

A Way to Slow Climate Change?

[Q&A] A groundbreaking new study shows we have the tools to halve the predicted warming rate over the next 40 years.

Carbon Emissions Holding Off Next Ice Age

Darn! But we were really looking forward to that perpetual winter…

The Greater Obscenity

Apparently four-letter words are more disturbing to many than the Harper government’s drastic interference with Canada’s democratic process.

Durban Post-Mortem: And the Band Played On

A disaster from the perspective of aggressively tackling emissions, some positive developments can be gleaned from the climate summit.