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The Death of Spontaneity

Communications technologies may expand the public sphere, but they’re destroying the quality of our conversations.

Mind Change

We need to snap out of our complacency and look at the unprecedented impacts of new technology on our brains.

Facebook Wants You to Share Your Organs

Zuckerberg hopes to make organ donation the new Farmville.

Yahoo To Fire 14% of Workers

The California-based company did not specify when or in which divisions the cuts would occur.

The Printed Word and the New Literary Elite

As our cultural products are digitized, the book-as-artifact takes on new cultural meaning.

How Google Killed Gutenberg – and Explained the World

New methods of communication harken back to the pre-print world and are fundamentally altering the dynamics of international relations.

Facebook Expected To File IPO Today

The world waits to find out how much Zucks & Co. are really worth.

Leaping Forward With One Foot in the Past

Are today’s new technologies and memes really so revolutionary?

In the Facebook Era, It’s Friends Forever

Unlike in real life, our online friendships are not subject to a healthy natural decay.

Unfriended? Blame Your Offensive and Depressing Comments

Just post cat videos and photos of meals like everyone else and you’ll have nothing to worry about.