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Life After Kyoto: Pursuing Decarbonization

Political scientists Matthew Hoffmann and Steven Bernstein argue that our goal remains the same with or without Kyoto.

Blocking Action on Climate Change

What do you call someone who pursues policies knowing that they contribute to large numbers of deaths?

Forfeiting Canadian Democracy

The Harper government’s new omnibus budget bill and proposed 31-year deal with China sacrifice democracy to short-term goals.

The Economics of Climate Change

A new report challenges politicians who say tackling climate change is too costly for society.

Climate Change Deniers Are Almost Extinct

Faced with record-high worldwide temperatures, increasing extreme weather events, and melting glaciers, climate-change deniers are changing their tune.

The Atmosphere as Dumping Ground

As long as coal remains so inexpensive, with few or no dollars paid for the environmental damage it causes, it will continue to be used. And that endangers us all.

The Energy-Environment Nexus

[Series] While we need to find less harmful substitutes for fossil fuel, there is no energy source that lacks environmental consequences.

The End of the Petroleum Era

[Series] Those who argue that there will never be a final “oil crisis” fail to recognize resource limits.

Facing the Facts on Fossil Fuel

[Series] We are so accustomed to our dependence on petroleum that discussions of alternative energy futures take its convenience and efficiency for granted.

Crossing the (Bottom) Line

In Canada, “business as usual” means putting profits ahead of the future of the planet and denying that climate change is a problem.