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Life After Kyoto: Pursuing Decarbonization

Political scientists Matthew Hoffmann and Steven Bernstein argue that our goal remains the same with or without Kyoto.

After 25 Years, It’s Time to Stop Spinning Our Wheels

In 1988, hundreds of scientists and policy-makers met in Toronto for a major international conference on climate change. They were sufficiently alarmed by the accumulated evidence for human-caused global warming that they issued a release stating, “Humanity is conducting an unintended, uncontrolled, globally pervasive experiment whose ultimate consequences could be second only to a global [...]

Blocking Action on Climate Change

What do you call someone who pursues policies knowing that they contribute to large numbers of deaths?

Telling Harper What He Wants to Hear

Something fishy is going on over at Environment Canada, where a recent report on greenhouse-gas emissions is uncharacteristically flawed – in favour of the Harper government’s position.

Dinosaurs: Undone By Their Rear Ends?

A study looking at sauropods’ methane production finds it might have contributed to catastrophic climate change.

The Atmosphere as Dumping Ground

As long as coal remains so inexpensive, with few or no dollars paid for the environmental damage it causes, it will continue to be used. And that endangers us all.

Crossing the (Bottom) Line

In Canada, “business as usual” means putting profits ahead of the future of the planet and denying that climate change is a problem.

Obstinate Harper Fuels Pipeline Opposition

With no comprehensive climate policy, the government feeds local and international opposition to its proposed pipeline projects.

Environment and Economics: A False Dichotomy

The Canadian government must recognize that economic growth relies on respecting the integrity of ecosystems, the global climate included.

Durban Post-Mortem: And the Band Played On

A disaster from the perspective of aggressively tackling emissions, some positive developments can be gleaned from the climate summit.