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Rights, Wrongs, and the War on Drugs

Former White House Drug Chief Robert DuPont argues that recreational drug use is not a human right.

CIDA’s Risky Business Venture

Why the public-private development partnerships forged between the government and large mining companies are unlikely to improve the record of Canada’s extractive industries.

Crossing the (Bottom) Line

In Canada, “business as usual” means putting profits ahead of the future of the planet and denying that climate change is a problem.

A Healthy Distrust at First Nation-Crown Summit

The government must go beyond mere window dressing and pursue tangible outcomes that address the needs of Aboriginal Canadians.

The Emergent Voice of Afghanistan’s Women

While oppression still dominates, Afghan women can now be the authors of a new narrative.

Burma’s Reality Check

Daunting challenges overshadow the reforms unfolding in a country long acknowledged to be one of the world’s most brutal.

Reading Between the Lines

The omission of any direct reference to China in President Obama’s speech to the Australian parliament speaks volumes.

The Arctic is Calling – But Not for More C-18s

How international relations can help us understand Canada’s most pressing problem.

Canada and The Responsibility to Protect

Irresponsible partisanship is muddying what should be a point of pride for Canada on the world stage.

The Price of Business as Usual

In Canada’s free-trade agreement with Colombia, business and profit trump human rights.