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On a Showboating Mission to China

Raising China’s human rights’ record with the regime plays great to the audience at home, but hasn’t done a lick for dissidents and activists across China.

Making Nice with Beijing

Canada’s approach to China amounts to hypocrisy on human rights.

Will ‘Real Men’ Make a Difference?

Demi and Ashton’s campaign against sex trafficking sparks a debate.

Disturbing Abuses Signal Need for Canadian Regulations

Canada must take full responsibility for human rights violations in its overseas companies, like the rape and torture reported at a mine in Papua New Guinea.

A Human Rights Museum for All

A disproportionate share of exhibits in the new Canadian Museum for Human Rights will focus on atrocities from the Second World War, at the expense of other crimes against humanity.

People Are More Important Than Windows

At the G20 protests, “Black Bloc” protestors damaged property; police hurt human beings. Who’s more dangerous?

Abolish Slavery … in Canada

Human trafficking exists in Canada. A national strategy does not. Bill C-268 was a victory, but we need to do more.

Putting Tibet on the G8 Agenda

The summit is the time for nations to unite and encourage China to reach a peaceful solution to the Tibet issue.

Liberty for the Burmese People

Governments like Canada’s must try to persuade Burmese leaders to protect their citizens’ freedoms during the upcoming election.