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The Trade Disagreement

Opposition to the controversial Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement continues to grow.

Secretive CETA Could Be Signed By Year’s End

Internet freedom groups are pushing back against the Canada-EU Trade Agreement, whose secretive negotiations could threaten our digital future.

How Bill C-30 Threatens Canada’s National Security

With so many concerns about the security of Canada’s networks vis-a-vis foreign technologies, it seems reckless to consider a bill that could leave Canadians’ personal data less secure.

The Rise of the Collaborative Economy

Robin Chase, founder and CEO of Buzzcar, says the new economy puts individuals, rather than corporations, at the center.

The Learning Revolution

Anka Mulder, president of the OpenCourseWare Consortium, says traditional universities should embrace, rather than fear, the move towards online learning.

Technology in Schools: More Harm Than Good?

While technology is important to the learning experience, we need to make sure it doesn’t distract from other educational needs.

Internet Freedom and the Erosion of Democracy

Global internet policy expert Rebecca MacKinnon says increasing government surveillance around the world is threatening the freedom granted by Internet access.

Why the West is Ignoring Africa 2.0

Racism and a legacy of colonialism are preventing the West from recognizing the potential of African innovation.

Internet Ad Revenue Growing Enormously

We have seen the future of the internet, and it is brought to you by ExxonMobil and Frito-Lay.

Man Makes Millionth Wikipedia Edit; Questions Life Choices

Justin Knapp: Internet Hero.