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Life After Kyoto: Pursuing Decarbonization

Political scientists Matthew Hoffmann and Steven Bernstein argue that our goal remains the same with or without Kyoto.

Blocking Action on Climate Change

What do you call someone who pursues policies knowing that they contribute to large numbers of deaths?

Telling Harper What He Wants to Hear

Something fishy is going on over at Environment Canada, where a recent report on greenhouse-gas emissions is uncharacteristically flawed – in favour of the Harper government’s position.

The Climate Stalemate

Multilateral negotiations on climate change have failed to solve the problem. But there’s good reason to keep up the charade.

A Way to Slow Climate Change?

[Q&A] A groundbreaking new study shows we have the tools to halve the predicted warming rate over the next 40 years.

Canada, Kyoto, and False Accusations

Canada’s chief negotiator and ambassador for climate change refutes the accusation that Canada tried to “cajole” other countries to pull out of the Kyoto Protocol.

Environment and Economics: A False Dichotomy

The Canadian government must recognize that economic growth relies on respecting the integrity of ecosystems, the global climate included.

Canadians Take on the Globe

OpenCanada presents its list of some of the best international affairs books by Canadian authors this year.

Questioning the Merits of Globalization

Not everyone buys into the notion that the world is increasingly integrated, or that such integration is a good thing.

U.K. Company Drops Canadian Client over Kyoto Withdrawal

In a strange twist, more businesses have been affected by pulling out of Kyoto than ratifying it.