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Do Anti-Smoking Ads Work?

[Q&A] As governments around the world find new ways to make tobacco companies discourage smoking, branding expert Martin Lindstrom explains why their methods just won’t work.

Pepsi Pins Hopes on Michael Jackson – Again

Nothing says we’re cool, refreshing, and exciting like a dead pop star whose best days were nearly three decades ago.

Beyond Greenwashing

Businesses need to ditch the spin and become transparent about their true environmental credentials.

Changing the Game in Retail Politics

Just as brands strive to establish long-term relationships with consumers, U.S. presidential candidates need to change their tactics to permanently engage a media-driven & mobile citizenry.

Amazon and the Independent Bookstore

Amazon’s latest marketing ploy has booksellers up in arms. But is there a way to turn the tides?

All of StatCan’s Online Data to Be Free

Never again will you have to pay for a chart comparing say, how many people were murdered with fully automatic riles vs. shotguns.

Is the Internet Tribalizing our Culture?

What you know about Jane Austen says a lot about where you get information.

Seven Going on Seventeen

Children just want to look grown-up – it’s retailers that are pushing them to sexuality.

The LeBron James Show

The basketball star’s hour-long television event known as “The Decision” says more about his ego than his athleticism.