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Time we stop belittling the Canadian militia’s contribution to the War of 1812

Almost from the time the War of 1812 ended the so-called militia myth emerged claiming that Canada was saved by the heroic contributions of its part-time colonial soldiers or militia…

From Libya to Mali: Triumphs and Consequences

Bonny Ibhawoh, associate professor at McMaster University, describes how a lack of international action in post-Gadhafi Libya has exacerbated the conflict in Mali.

Teaching High School Vs. Teaching in the Military

Many people today seem to think that teachers like me should work more and get paid less.  But regardless of what might come of my profession, nothing will make me regret having become a teacher. No other profession, in my opinion, can bring an individual more personal satisfaction. Such pride in what I do is important since, [...]

The Stories We Are Told

The plurality of voices and stories that make up the Canadian identity are quickly being drowned out by the singular story that the current government is telling Canadians to adopt as their own.

Choosing Canada Over War

Why the Harper government should let Kimberly Rivera, and other “conscientious objectors” to war, stay in Canada.

History’s Harsh Lessons

What the complexities of the Second World War teach us about the prospect of another global conflict.

Will Egypt Repeat the Mistakes of Iran?

With no presidential candidate to represent the revolution, Egyptians must choose the lesser of two evils.

What Went Wrong in Canada?

The machinations of a minority government in Canada turned the mission in Afghanistan into a political football.

A Diminished Canada

CBC’s announcement that it is withdrawing from foreign-language broadcasting in two of the four BRIC countries is just another nail in the coffin for Canadian internationalism.

Behind the Coup in Mali

On the ground in Bamako, development expert Hervé Bisseleua speaks to The Mark about the rebel massacre of government soldiers that set the stage for the coup.