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Monster of the Deep

Deep-sea biologist Edith Widder shines a light on the mysterious giant squid, which she helped capture on film in its natural habitat for the first time.

False Solutions to Real Problems

The ocean fertilization project that took place off the coast of Haida Gwaii in July is receiving widespread criticism from scientists and government alike.

Bezos to Resurrect Apollo 11 Engines out of Ocean

The Amazon billionaire is set to make one giant dive for mankind.

Oil Over Oceans

A damning report shows the Canadian government shying away from marine protection because it might interfere with oil-tanker traffic.

Crowdsourcing Experiment Seeks to Translate Whale Songs

What, science expects us to give something back?

Giant Single-Celled Organisms Found in Depths of Mariana Trench

The deepest habitat on the planet appears to be teeming with life.

Ocean Acidity Linked to Mass Extinction

Remember the ammonites? We don’t either.

Demanding Respect for Nature

Our insatiable hunger for power and profit stems from a lack of respect.

Saving the World’s Oceans

We need to stop treating the oceans like our personal garbage dumps.

A Step Toward Banning Shark Fin Products

Brantford, Ont.’s, ban is progress for animal rights backers, but is it a sign of ethnocentrism?