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Monster of the Deep

Deep-sea biologist Edith Widder shines a light on the mysterious giant squid, which she helped capture on film in its natural habitat for the first time.

The Half-Life of Facts

Network scientist and mathematician Samuel Arbesman explains why everything we know has an expiration date.

Climate Change Deniers Are Almost Extinct

Faced with record-high worldwide temperatures, increasing extreme weather events, and melting glaciers, climate-change deniers are changing their tune.

Telling Harper What He Wants to Hear

Something fishy is going on over at Environment Canada, where a recent report on greenhouse-gas emissions is uncharacteristically flawed – in favour of the Harper government’s position.

When Oil Trumps All

The closing of Canada’s Experimental Lakes Area facility is just more proof: Any research or findings that don’t fit with the government’s fossil-fuel-based economic plans appear to be under attack.

Higgs Boson: Is That All There Is?

Everyone’s getting excited about the discovery of the Higgs boson particle, but one prominent scientist wishes there was something more.

The End of the Evolution Debate

The physical evidence is so overwhelming that the theory of evolution can no longer be denied.

Dining on Dinosaurs?

An exploration of the future of food: T-Rex burgers with a side of bugs are on the frontier.

The Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence

The opportunity to learn more about where we fit into the vastness of the cosmos is under threat from short-sighted decision makers who have chosen to politicize science.

Details of First Low-Cost ‘Artificial Leaf’ Published

An MIT chemist has found a way to replicate photosynthesis on the cheap.