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Dinosaurs: Undone By Their Rear Ends?

A study looking at sauropods’ methane production finds it might have contributed to catastrophic climate change.

Environmentalism has Failed

Twenty years after the Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro, environmental protection is seen as little more than an impediment to economic expansion.

The Dangers of Climate Change Denial

The cynical campaign to spread disinformation and discredit climate scientists and their work.

Does Drinking Water Help Your Exam Scores?

Research shows students who brought bottles of water to exams performed as much as 10-per-cent better than those who didn’t.

A Mixed Bag Budget

We can bemoan changes coming to the way scientific research will be funded, but shutting down Assisted Human Reproduction Canada was the right move.

The Atmosphere as Dumping Ground

As long as coal remains so inexpensive, with few or no dollars paid for the environmental damage it causes, it will continue to be used. And that endangers us all.

The War in the Woods

More than six years after a historic agreement to save the Great Bear Rainforest, the promise of protection remains unmet.

The Pernicious Muzzling of Canada’s Scientists

Reminiscent of the tactics of the Bush administration, the Canadian government is preventing leading climate scientists from speaking to the public about their work.

Satellites Discover 9,500 Ancient Settlements in Syria

Having eyes in the sky makes the task of finding lost cities and villages oh so much more efficient.

Knowledge: The Best Return on Investment

On the perils of the trickle-down economics philosophy now driving Canada’s scientific-funding model.