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The Olympics Go Beyond Sport

While Olympic competition continues to evoke a strong sense of nationalism, the ideals and values of the Olympic Games – from women’s rights to Twitter diplomacy – serve to unite.

The Death of Spontaneity

Communications technologies may expand the public sphere, but they’re destroying the quality of our conversations.

Facebook Wants You to Share Your Organs

Zuckerberg hopes to make organ donation the new Farmville.

Changing the Game in Retail Politics

Just as brands strive to establish long-term relationships with consumers, U.S. presidential candidates need to change their tactics to permanently engage a media-driven & mobile citizenry.

How Google Killed Gutenberg – and Explained the World

New methods of communication harken back to the pre-print world and are fundamentally altering the dynamics of international relations.

Taking a Look at Obama’s Spotify Playlist

TWO Darius Rucker songs?!?!

Two out of Every Three Tweets Are Useless

But not your precious little snowflake of a tweet about what you ate at Winterlicious. No, definitely not that.

Twitter to Block Offending Tweets in Certain Countries

New censoring mechanism will respond to ‘different ideas about the contours of freedom of expression.’

Leaping Forward With One Foot in the Past

Are today’s new technologies and memes really so revolutionary?

In the Facebook Era, It’s Friends Forever

Unlike in real life, our online friendships are not subject to a healthy natural decay.