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Occupy: 2012 and Beyond

There is great promise for the social movements that took root around the globe this past year.

Top Ten Facebook Statuses of 2011

Facebook’s 800 million users have spoken.

Five Degrees of Separation from All of Facebook

And thus that Kevin Bacon game has been won by all.

50+ Crowd Behind Recent Social Media Growth

Poll of the Day: The olds are ruining Facebook for the rest of us.

Has Facebook Gone Too Far?

[Series] With the introduction of frictionless sharing, it might be time to rethink what you “like” about the social media goliath.

The Evolution of the Web Persona

[Series] As our lives become further embedded in the juggernaut that is social media, the lines between our online and offline identities continue to shift.

Diplomacy, Journalism, and the New Media

The immediacy, interactivity, and accessibility of new technologies have changed the rules of the game.

Media Ownership for the Facebook Generation

Social and digital media might have changed the face of news delivery, but concerns over the concentration of ownership persist.

Google+ Opens to the Public

After Google Wave and Google Buzz, Google’s really, REALLY hoping the third time’s a charm.

NHL Bans Game-Day Tweeting

Aww, but how else are we going to know if the boys really left it all on the ice out there tonight?