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How to Mine an Asteroid

President of Planetary Resources and former NASA Flight Director Chris Lewicki outlines his plans to harvest precious metals in space.

Neil Armstrong, Remembered

Former NASA shuttle astronaut Story Musgrave reflects on the life and legacy of his colleague, Neil Armstrong.

The Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence

The opportunity to learn more about where we fit into the vastness of the cosmos is under threat from short-sighted decision makers who have chosen to politicize science.

Astronomers Witness Black Hole Devouring Star

Witness the sequel to ‘A Star is Born’.

Galaxy Cluster Found 12.72 Billion Light Years Away

That’s the furthest-flung cluster ever discovered – and also the oldest, as what they saw was the cluster just one billion years after the Big Bang.

Yep, James Cameron and The Google Guys Will Mine Asteroids

There’s gooooooold in dem dere asteroids!

Are James Cameron and Google Execs Going to Mine Asteroids?

While there are no locals around to force into hazardous working conditions, asteroid mining could become a multi-trillion-dollar industry.

SpaceX Set to Be First Private Company to Dock at ISS

April 30, 2012: The day SpaceX will boldly go where no corporation has gone before.

NASA Wants YOU To Plan Martian Exploration

Well, not YOU, unless you’re a rocket scientist, but click through to see NASA finally use the term ‘mother-ship’.

North Korea Admits Rocket Launch Failure

… but at least they’re admitting it.