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Space Station Undertakes Scotch Experiment

Is there any science finer than that studying the effects of zero gravity on making scotch?

Bezos to Resurrect Apollo 11 Engines out of Ocean

The Amazon billionaire is set to make one giant dive for mankind.

Big Solar Storm Hits Earth

Just a friendly reminder that we live at the mercy of a stupendously hot ball of radiation.

Big Asteroid Could Collide with Earth in 2040

2011 AG5 currently has a 1-in-625 chance of hitting our beloved little planet.

‘Waterworld’ Discovered 40 Light Years Away

And yes, this giant ball of boiling water is markedly more watchable than the Kevin Costner movie.

Swiss to Clean Up Earth’s Orbit

Leave it to the Swiss to tidy up after everyone else’s mess.

See the Dark Side of the Moon

… without paying $400 to see Roger Waters play music he wrote 30 years ago. Like, the REAL moon.

Newt Wants A Colony on the Moon by 2020

… and to probably put an ex-wife or two there, too.

Giant Neutrino Telescope Planned for Mediterranean

An EU project will look for answers to the universe’s mysteries by looking two miles underwater.

ISS Captures Lightning Storms over Africa

Behold, the most beautiful video you’ll see all week.