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‘Superearth’ Found 35 Light Years Away

It’s bigger, hotter, more humid, and has more gravity than Earth, but HD85512b might just be able to sustain carbon-based life.

ISS Could Be Evacuated If Supplies Run Dry

Russia’s rocket problems could leave space unmanned for the first time in more than a decade.

A New Frontier in Space Exploration

Canada needs to invest in a truly ambitious space project: the exploration of Mars.

Newly Discovered Planet Appears to Be All Diamond

Too bad it wasn’t ready on time for Kim Kardashian’s wedding.

Moon Could Be 200 Million Years Younger

And here we’ve been calling that gorgeous orbiting rock 4.568 billion years old all this time.

Collision with Second Moon Caused Lunar Highlands

The dark side of the moon likely bears the scars of a massive moon-on-moon collision millions and millions of years ago.

Earth Shares Orbit with ‘Trojan’ Asteroid

Astronomers had long suspected that we shared our path around the sun with an asteroid, and sure enough, we do.

Endangered, But Not Extinct

The end of the space shuttle need not mean the end of the United States’ celestial ambitions.

Goodbye, Atlantis

Can the U.S.’s space program survive the end of the space shuttle?

Exoplanet Best Candidate for Life So Far

200 trillion kilometres away, a planet twice the size of Earth could sustain liquid water.