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Still Counting the Dead

Frances Harrison, who was a BBC correspondent in Sri Lanka from 2000-2004, reflects on the horrors experienced by Sri Lanka’s Tamil minority during the final, brutal months of the war, and comments on the UN’s recent inquiry report.

The Plight of Sri Lanka’s Internally Displaced

The Sri Lankan government is actively undermining efforts to address a growing humanitarian crisis.

Four Arrested for Role in Tamil Migrant Smuggling

The RCMP herald the first charges against human smugglers linked to Tamil migrants who illegally arrived in Canada.

Widow, 74, Faces Deportation over Tamil Link

Sugunanayake Joseph was greeted with open arms when she fled Sri Lanka for Canada six years ago. Now, she’s being told to leave.

What the Tamils Are Fleeing

To understand why Tamils are showing up in Victoria packed into an overcrowded boat, we need to understand the war that drove them from their homeland.