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Grim rules of engagement after ten years with the ICC

Picture the ceiling swirling, dense with grand ideas expressed that day. Sorrowful, urgent, and ambitious: the words that delivered the first permanent International Criminal Court were a mural of life under universal law…

Still Counting the Dead

Frances Harrison, who was a BBC correspondent in Sri Lanka from 2000-2004, reflects on the horrors experienced by Sri Lanka’s Tamil minority during the final, brutal months of the war, and comments on the UN’s recent inquiry report.

Rights, Wrongs, and the War on Drugs

Former White House Drug Chief Robert DuPont argues that recreational drug use is not a human right.

Why the UN is Not Responsible for Syria

Blaming the UN for the lack of progress in Syria is like blaming a veterinarian for failing to deliver a child during a complicated birth.

In Somalia, Hope for Peace Grows

For Prime Minister Abdiweli Mohamed Ali, Somalia’s success in defeating the Al Shabab and the promise of a new constitution mean the country can finally move towards a lasting peace.

International Court Find Charles Taylor Guilty of War Crimes

Ten years after the Sierre Leone Civil War, the former president of Liberia is brought to justice.

The One and Only Kofi Annan

The situation in Syria may be too intractable – even for the world’s super negotiator.

Is Syria Finally Playing Along?

Syrian government claims to be withdrawing troops in line with the plan; opposition says they are lying.

The Global Average Salary Is $18,000/Year

That ought to give you something to think about this payday.

Assad Agrees to Annan’s Syria Peace Plan

… although we’ll only believe it when his tanks are off the streets.