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The Rise of the Collaborative Economy

Robin Chase, founder and CEO of Buzzcar, says the new economy puts individuals, rather than corporations, at the center.

Man Makes Millionth Wikipedia Edit; Questions Life Choices

Justin Knapp: Internet Hero.

Encyclopaedia Britannica Goes Online Only

Declining sales force the 244-year-old reference series to abandon hard copies and head to more digital pastures.

Coping with the Great Internet Blackout of 2012

How to get through The Day The (Best Parts of The) Internet Died.

What Wikipedia Can Tell Us about the NDP Race

… beside who the candidates are and how to spell their names.

Most Visited Sites in 2011

Also rated: most overused words on LinkedIn.

Wikipedia Vies for UNESCO Status

The online, crowd-sourced encyclopedia, now a decade old, is making the case that it’s worthy of the vaunted UN designation.