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From Libya to Mali: Triumphs and Consequences

Bonny Ibhawoh, associate professor at McMaster University, describes how a lack of international action in post-Gadhafi Libya has exacerbated the conflict in Mali.

Still Counting the Dead

Frances Harrison, who was a BBC correspondent in Sri Lanka from 2000-2004, reflects on the horrors experienced by Sri Lanka’s Tamil minority during the final, brutal months of the war, and comments on the UN’s recent inquiry report.

Burma’s Reality Check

Daunting challenges overshadow the reforms unfolding in a country long acknowledged to be one of the world’s most brutal.

Playing with Fire in the Middle East

The increasing turmoil in Iran and Syria raises the prospect of regional war.

The Forgotten Revolution

[Q&A] Despite the recent transfer of power, the revolution in Yemen still needs the absent attention of the fickle international community.

How Libya Can Avoid the Resource Curse

Libya needs institutions that ensure their oil riches serve the long-term interests of their people.

Afghanistan Will Pay for NATO’s Failures

[Series] If history is any guide, the legacy of the most recent international intervention will be the continuity of conflict in the lives of Afghans.

New State, Intractable Problems

South Sudan faces myriad and complex challenges, from corrupt and sinister elites to weak governance institutions.

Finally, a Legitimate Nigerian Election

Insurgency and poverty remain, but the solution to both is economic development.

UN Chief Warns of Looming Civil War in Ivory Coast

The president has ordered UN peacekeepers to leave the country and blockaded his rival inside a hotel.